Bespoke service for Children with Special Educational Needs

If your child has a special educational need, there is no reason why they and their friends should not have a fantastic party to remember.


When I was a playgroup play-leader, I qualified as the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) and took responsibility for planning and implementing appropriate activities to ensure that quality, enjoyable developmental time in the setting, was experienced by all the children.  SENCO work was some of the most rewarding for me as I found the more creative effort I made, the more enjoyment the children and I derived from our activities.

I have performed at parties and celebrations requiring a diverse range of childrens needs and will adapt the performance as needed to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.


I appreciate that some children need a quieter and calmer experience to enjoy and have I magic and games to suit this need.


No parent or carer should be anxious about arranging a party for their child.  Good communication is the key to catering for your needs. Rest assured you can speak with me in the strictist of confidence and with no obligation to see if we can plan the perfect party for your child or childcare setting.

I thoroughly enjoyed my play-time with special needs children over the years who were in my care during my time as 'Singing Owl' the Brownie leader.  A voluntary role which I still fulfill on a weekly basis.


I have performed magic shows for children with all levels on special educational needs and have worked with parents and carers in the party planning stages to ensure the content and duration of the party experience are appropriate to the needs of your child and their friends.


I have entertained at small intimate family parties with only a few children and also at larger locations dedicated to daily significant special educational needs care where the magic rabbits, doves and I have had great fun with the children and carers.

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