Get noticed.

  • Tie a bunch of balloons to a tree in the garden or on the front door so it's easy for your guests (and Magic Marie!) to find the party.


Don't over do it.

  • Between one and a half and two hours is usually long enough for any children's party.


Protect your pets.

  • If you have pets, place them in a safe area away from excited children.


Send invitations early.

  • Book the entertainment EARLY and send out invitations straight away. Nowadays, children have more hectic social lives than their parents so be organised and plan early!


Get children active a.s.a.p.

  • As children arrive, direct them to a game or activity to break the ice and get the party going.


Get a cardboard box for presents

  • Get a big decorated cardboard box and as the children arrive, put the presents they bring safely into it.


Get help from parents

  • Use parents who stick around as party assistants. They'll love to participate and you'll love it too.


Food, drinks, etc.

  • Please don't serve food, drinks or lollies once the magic show has begun.


Be ready for the cake

  • Always know where the camera, matches and lighter are for cake time!

Magic Marie's Top Hints And Tips For A Magical, Stress Free Party!

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