Party Bag Options

Abrakidabra party options include a complimentary souvenier party bag for each child.  


The souvenier bag is a funny monster print pattern bag giving it a universal party feel for birthday or any other type of celebration.


Included within the souvenier bag is a sheet of smiley face stickers and also a full colour postcard of Magic Marie with Rosie Rabbit and Blossom the Dove.  


The bag is approximately A5 sized and if you wish, you can have the bags on arrival to add additional novelties or gifts.  It can also be used for your little guests to take home a slice of birthday cake.

Having listened to customer enquiries, I realised that party bags can be a bit of a 'headache' for party planners.


The complimentary souvenier party bags detailed above are supplied at no extra cost so you have a 'gift' for your child to give out to their friends at the end of the party.


I have researched the prices of pre-packed party bags and was very surprised at the poor quality and high cost of each bag.  Having purchased individual gifts in bulk and packed the party bags myself, this has allowed me to pass on my savings to you, the customer.


I am now able to offer my customers an optional filled party bag option.


Pictured to the right is the filled party bag containing the souvenier colour postcard and smiley face themed pencil, notepad, balloon and sticker sheet.  At the special price of just  £1.00 per bag.

Only - £1 each!

Optional filled party bag upgrade !!

Free - no back Filled party bags