Magic Marie's Animal Friends

Magic Marie's animal assistants are much more than working animals; they are well loved family pets.


Many families pet rabbits end up being confined to a lonely existence in a hutch with minimal opportunity for exercise.  Captive birds tend to spend their life in a small cage and never get opportunity to experience the feeling of flight; light rain or a cool breeze.


The health, welfare and quality of life of the magic animals is of primary importance to Magic Marie.  


Often asked, "Where the rabbits and doves kept when they are not making magic appearances?" she thought it would be a good idea to introduce her magic animals and show adults where they all live.

     Snowdrop                             Magic                                Gizmo                             Tilley                                  Toffee                               Alfie                       Home Sweet Home

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The magic rabbits and doves are exercised every day.  If the weather is dry, the rabbits spend all day in individual runs with the opportunity to eat fresh grass and generally nibble away and dig at Magic Marie's lawn!


The doves have an outdoor aviary in which they are free to fly, perch, ground feed and paddle and wash in their bird bath.  At night, they share exclusive accommodation with the rabbits.  They have heating to keep them warm in the winter and ventilation to keep them cool in the summer!


Often, working animals are not treated as pets as it is not in the owners interests to do so.  In the case of Magic Marie's helpers, the more love, attention and human contact they get, the better they are at their jobs.


Some of our neighbours have laughed at Magic Marie having overheard her talking to 'her babies' every morning !


In the evenings, the rabbits are brought inside for cuddles from Magic Marie and

Magic Marie jnr. (daughter Steph'). This is despite complaints from the 'Magic Husband'

that the animals get more attention that he does!   Ah well.............  


* It is a legal requirement for animal exhibition to be licensed through

The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.

Licensed by Stroud District Council - Licence number 19/00328/AWACT